Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bobcat Goldthwait Goes on Kimmel and Shares His Love for Bigfoot

Director of Willow Creek Bobcat Goldthwait recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel live, and was not shy at all about his love for the bigfoot phenomenon. He even mentioned that some of the community he had met and worked with are his "friends". That's awesome in our book!

Tim Fasano is Promoting Florida Bigfoot Researchers

Not just out to make a name for himself, Tim Fasano is promoting Florida Bigfoot Investigators (FBI for short) and seems to be working with Bigfoot Bounty winner Stacy Brown Jr. It's nice to see these kind of partnerships going on in a community that is usually at odds with one another.

What Does It Take To Be A Bigfoot Researcher?

What does it take to be a bigfoot researcher? Do you need certain credentials? A solid resume? Some big name co-signers? What exactly is a bigfoot researcher anyways? 

Matt and Phil of Bigfoot Revolution ponder the question and give their viewpoints on what it means to be a bigfoot researcher, and is it really all it's cracked up to be?

I hope when I get old I can still enjoy music as much as this man

We don't know exactly how old this guy is. But check out the moves on this guy! This viral video shows an old man with crutches throws them down, and starts dancing to the beat he feels in his soul.

Tim Fasano's Mountain Monster Spoof Is Hilarious!

TV producers, if you're out there, you gotta hire these folks. Florida Skunk ape hunter Tim Fasano and his pals are the best in the business and they'll find whatever it is that's scaring the bejesus out of people. Check out their acting below:

Dr Matthew A Johnson (“Dr J”) goes SOLO to SOHA (July 17-21, 2014)

Editor’s Note: Dr. Matthew A. Johnson is one of the most credible people in the Bigfoot world. In July 1, 2000, Dr. Johnson had a "Class A" Bigfoot encounter with his family while hiking near the Oregon Caves. After his life changing sighting, he went to the public and described one of the most intense encounters ever. You can join him on Facebook at Team Squatchin USA.

On Thursday evening, July 17th, “Dr J” arrived alone to his Southern Oregon Habituation Area (SOHA). In other words, he did not bring any guests with him this month. He was still recovering from his trip last month with Adam Davies and John Carlson.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Top 5 Incredible Photos From Mulder's World [7/23/2014]

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Here are some fascinating photographs from, the front page of the strange and unexplained:

Canadians are the most polite people

We've said this before, and we'll say it again. Canadians are the most polite people in the world. Watch how they deal with "road rage" over there:

LIVE NOW! Squatcher's Lounge: Robert W. Morgan and the Bigfoot Observers Field Manual

Video: 9 Men Search for Evidence of Bigfoot, The Bluff Creek Project - The Movie!

The Squatchers Lounge Podcast in Association with Squatchitall Productions and a Rev. Jeff Films release is VERY PROUD to release the Bluff Creek Project Summer Expedition 2014 THE MOVIE!

Will Todd Standing Submit Bigfoot Hair Samples to Meldrum for Testing?

Yesterday we brought you word that Dr. Jeff Meldrum was soliciting for hair samples from possible bigfoot creatures to be involved in some sort of testing or analysis. Meldrum has been working with Todd Standing, regardless of criticism, so Matt Knapp of asks: "Will Standing be submitting samples to this project?"

This is the Most Relaxing Bigfoot Video I've Ever Seen

Ed Waterman is considered by some to be a somewhat controversial bigfooter, partly in fact to examples such as the photo above, where Ed finds what he believes to be numerous bigfoot in his photos. Whether or not you agree with Ed that there are 9 bigfoot in the above photo, some of which are less than a foot tall, the fact of the matter is he does get out in the woods, and does capture some amazing photos of beautiful scenery.

Rumor Mill: Finding Bigfoot Possibly Headed to Idaho

Every now and again something comes across our desk that doesn't say a whole lot, but offers us a little tid-bit of information. Such is the case with the following news update we received from the Moscow-Pullman Daily News:

What the Heck is This Thing on the Game Tracker Cam?

I can admit it. This one has me stumped. I have no idea what this is on the game cam. If anyone can identify what this is, please feel free to leave the answer in the comments section or on our Facebook page.

Dr. Jeff Meldrum is currently accepting Bigfoot hair samples

Alright, squatchers. If you think you are in possession of Bigfoot hair, and pretty you're sure it's what you think it is, then Dr. Jeff Meldrum is the man to go to. Meldrum just posted a "specific" request for "reliable" samples. This means the samples have to be handled carefully and you have to make sure you followed scientific protocol for gathering samples. Meldrum wrote on his Facebook page:

I'm obsessed with this hole in Siberia

According to The Siberian Times, scientists are still baffled by this anomaly that appeared from out of nowhere. Some brand new pictures of the hole are mesmerizing and experts are learning something new about it everyday. Andrey Plekhanov, Senior Researcher at the State Scientific Centre of Arctic Research, explains:

These Sasquatch Eggs Are "GMO Free"

OMG! Does anyone know where these eggs come from? It's not clear, but these are either hand picked by Bigfoot, or it was produced by a magical being. Either way, this is an awesome find by Suzy from the Bigfoot Community Facebook group:

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Top 5 Incredible Photos From Mulder's World [7/22/2014]

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Here are some fascinating photographs from, the front page of the strange and unexplained:

Looking for a Bigfoot Movie to Watch?

While 2014 is shaping up to be the year of the bigfoot movie, there have been plenty of bigfoot movies that have come out in the past. I'm sure a couple have come to mind, but did you know about all these?

What Is This? Multiple Witnesses See Floating Humanoid

Apparently people in Argentina have been seeing a floating humanoid along the beach. Descriptions are vague, other than the apparition of sorts doesn't seem to be wearing any type of clothing. Some reports include lights, and some say it looks more like a ghost. Definitely strange.