BigfootWeekend September Expedition

Friday, August 22, 2014

Bill Brock Says This Cave Is Spooky, Now We Know Why

As we've been reporting, Bill Brock's TV show is slated to air sometime this year. A lot of the show will be about Brock and his team traversing some of the world's spookiest caves. According to Brock, the APACHE DEATH CAVE is frickin' haunted!:

Bigfoot Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS, Nominates Matt Moneymaker

Bigfoot makes a public appearance in support of ALS sufferers by doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Top 5 Incredible Photos From Mulder's World [8/21/2014]

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Here are some fascinating photographs from, the front page of the strange and unexplained:

Take a Look at the South African Das-Adder, a Cross Between a Mammal and a Snake

This is another one of those strange cryptids we run across that sound almost too impossible to be true. In the case of the South African Das-Adder, you have a the head of a hylax, a small, hoofed, rabbit-like creature related to the elephant, and the body of a deadly puff adder. If that wasn't odd enough, throw in the reports that it can hypnotize you with a single stare!

Juvenile Arkansas Bigfoot Photo Revisited

In October of 2009, a woman from Arkansas released this photo, that was reportedly taken by her trail camera. Is it a juvenile bigfoot, or something more common?

This Bigfoot Story from Oklahoma is One of the Most Amazing I've Read

Dennis Shamblin's accounts of encounters with bigfoot creatures while growing up and living in Oklahoma are amazing. According to him they are all true, but of course there is no way to verify any of that. I can tell you personally that all the locations he speaks about are real, and have a long history o bigfoot activity. Not only that, but some of the things he says ring familiar with other stories I've heard from the areas mentioned.

Researcher Releases New Bigfoot "Tree Shaker" Images with Features of a Werewolf?

From YouTube user and Bigfoot Researcher Jeff Patterson:

"After first catching the "Tree Shaker" Sasquatch in January 2011, I tracked him for most of that year. Finally I was able to catch up to him once more in December of the same year. After tracking all day in the rain,I was able to get 2 still photos of him. Here they are."

Look at These Bigfoot Structures the RMSO Found While on Expedition

The Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization spends more time in the field than any other group I know! Here's a video of bigfoot tree structures they found while on expedition into one of their research areas. I'm going to have to watch the video again, because I could have swore I saw something moving around behind a tree. I'm not going to say what I think it was, I just want to make sure it's really there.

The Paranormal Review Breaks Down One of TimberGiantBigfoot's Bigfoot Videos

This footage has been debunked by our friend Phil Poling a while back ago. If you're looking for a different perspective on the TimberGiantBigfoot video showing what is believed to be a sasquatch, this latest reviewer thinks the "head" bobbing up and down it probably someone's shirt. Watch the breakdown below:

Listen To Researchers Debate the Killing of Bigfoot

The Pro-Kill or No-Kill debate has been going on for years. There are those who believe that the only way to prove Bigfoot is by taking the creature's life. But there are others who believe that Bigfoot has already been discovered and we don't need a body. In this episode of Cryptologic Radio, two groups decided to debate the No-Kill vs Pro-Kill subject:

Giant fissure opens in North Mexico -- 1km long / 25 feet deep

What is this? Is this a sign of global seismic unrest event that's taking place all over the world? According to our sources, there had been massive activity along the North American coast leading up to this. One geologist blames the cracks on groundwater and the depletion of the aquifer along the Costa de Hermosillo. He wrote: "It is well known that overuse of groundwater for irrigation is a big issue in that region.  Depletion of the aquifer along the Costa de Hermosillo leads to, among other things like salt water intrusion, subsidence which can cause cracks and fissures.  There were no earthquakes reported in the past 7 days in the state of Sonora which points to the fissure being caused by subsidence."

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Top 5 Incredible Photos From Mulder's World [8/20/2014]

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Here are some fascinating photographs from, the front page of the strange and unexplained:

Petition to Make October 20th National Sasquatch Awareness Day

New Trailer for a Cryptid Horror Movie "XMOOR"

This trailer is for a new cryptid horror movie about the Beast of Exmoor, a large cat-like creature that roams the countryside in the UK.

Finding Bigfoot's Best Bigfoot Footage Video

Check out this compilation video Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot series has put together of what they consider to be the Best Bigfoot Footage:

Man Was Held Hostage by Bigfoot for Ten Hours!

We read some scary stories, but this one is up there. A man is kidnapped by bigfoot and held for ten hours before being released. Does stuff like this really happen?

Watch what happens to the shark in this video

Check out this amazing footage of a huge grouper fish turning the tables on a 4-foot shark and eats it in one bite. Crazy!

Forget Bigfoot Sighting Databases, Now There's a Bigfoot Face Database!

www. is taking on a whole new task of comprising a bigfoot face database. We picked this up from YouTube user "SUSANFARNS":
"How to report a Bigfoot face in our videos for inclusion into the face database. A growing interest in participating in virtual Bigfoot Research has led us to streamline the process. The faces need to be verified they are actually on the video to preclude hoaxing. Thank you to all those who work so hard to help support our efforts on Bigfoot Research."

Check Out What Happened in This Bigfoot Research Area

Kelly Shaw of the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization talks about the bigfoot encounter that motivated them to start researching an area that has produced a tremendous amount of evidence.

This Is Europe's Strongest Man

This man is amazing and if you're a fan of Game of Thrones, he may look familiar. The Mountain (Hafthor Julius Bjornsson) from Game of Thrones competed in Europe's Strongest Man on August 8th and won the title with relative ease. This video highlights why he is known as 'The King of the Stones'.