Saturday, April 25, 2015

This Joe Rogan's Quesiton Everything Episode Was One of The Best

Do you recognize the man on the right? If you said Dr. Matthew Johnson, you're right. This scene was when the cloaked Bigfoot appeared? Pretty wild, right? The look on Rogan's face is priceless :-)

Kelly Shaw Reports: Flaming Gorge Bigfoot Sighting

Check out this incredible sighting report from Kelly Shaw where he visits the location of two Bigfoot sightings near the Flaming Gorge area of Utah. Pretty awesome story:

Friday, April 24, 2015

Dirtbikers Hear Strange Noises And Find Weird Stick Structure

While out riding dirtbikes, a couple of young men hear strange sounds coming from the firest next to them. Upon further investigation, they found a really large and strange limb formation. Check it out

Live Q & A Appearance By Les Stroud Of Survivorman: Bigfoot!

Les Stroud made a recent appearance in Pocatello, Idaho, to conduct a Q&A session with some of his bigfoot fans. This video was taken at the event by Surviviorman fan Joseph Easton.

Look New Breakdown Of The Chile Volcano UFO Footage

ParaBreakdown takes a look at the recently released footage of what some are claiming to be a UFO flying near a volcano smoke plume.

Watch: Hiker got on video exact moment Calbuco volcano erupted

This is amazing and annoying at the same time. Why the heck did he stop filming? Wow people. If you're going to film something awesome, please keep the camera rolling.

Watch: The Walking Deadcast #34: Season 5, Episode 13: Forget

Rictor, Tammy, Sam, and Zoe talk about what worked and didn't work in The Walking Dead's 13th episode of season 5, "Forget". Alexandria's leader, Deanna Monroe throws Rick and gang a cocktail party! Daryl and Arron bond over dinner and Carol scares the holy Hell out of Sam, a cookie hungry child. This webcast is by fans for the fans. We share our opinions and theories and we hope you will to. Leave us a message in the comments and subscribe!

This M.K. Davis Video Is One of The Most Memorable

If you thought Sasquatch Ontario's Bigfoot videos were a little ridiculous, this video breakdown from M.K. Davis is a classic. Three years ago, Davis uploaded videos like this daily. This one supposedly show a Bigfoot playing with a toy :)

New Footage: Coal Creek Canyon Colorado Bigfoot?

During the making of a 31-acre property for sale, a Bigfoot was possibly filmed lurking in the background. This is one of the most interesting footage we've seen in a while. The property is at Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado and it's on a 31 acres with cabin. In the original video, the figure can be seen at the 2:01-2:06 mark. Watch our enhanced video below before you watch the original:

A Bigfoot can't possible be this big -- can it?

Bigfoots are typically 8' tall and that's about as big as they get. 10' is stretching it -- but 15'? No fricking way! This person took a picture of one, and writes: "The fall of 2014 I filmed in person (not with a trail cam) a giant 15'-16' Sasquatch at the Dunes watching me. He was standing 150 yards away on the far ridge when I recorded him with a blind pan. At 13'-14' feet there's a branch in the follow up I used to help gage his height. Also there's others in the treeline but this giant Bigfoot was standing in the relative open beside a tree. I did some research and the largest Sasquatch I could find on record was 10'-12' feet tall. And that was only submitted sighting reports, Not Filmed! I don't know who keeps track of these stats but that huge Sasquatch is one for record books."

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Top 5 Incredible Stories From Mulder's World [4/23/2015]

Read more: Man Has Hundreds Of Coins And Nails Removed From His Stomach

Here are some fascinating stories from, the front page of the strange and unexplained:

Giant Black Bird Spotted By Alabama Boaters

During a late night boat ride at Martin Lake Reservoir in Alabama, a man and his family witnessed a gigantic black bird soaring above their boat. Their description matches the bird in the above photo, which is a recreation of a bird Kenneth Campbell found the remains of in the 1980's.

You Can See All Kinds Of Stuff While Out Squatchin

Take this guy for instance. He's out in the woods researching, all by himself, when he decides to track down the source of the tree knock sounds he is hearing. Then he catches movement out of the corner of his eye running around just down hill from where he's recording...

Was Bigfoot Caught On Video In A Tree?

The title of this video is Treetop Sasquatch? and was posted by youtube user Felix Thecat. While testing a camera, they captured images of what they think may be a bigfoot in the top of a very tall tree. Check it out:

I don't believe in Alien UFO, but what the hell is this?

Seriously. What the heck is that glowing object next to the volcano? That's gotta be a UFO right? If you don't believe in such a thing, see if this footage from Chile changes your mind.

New Bigfoot Podcast Covers British Bigfoot Reports

Join host James Whittaker as he kicks off his first ever episode of Bigfoot Round Up. A show where he will discuss bigfoot and dogmen reports from the UK.

Group Checking On Gifting Area Hears Some Strange Vocals

Barb and Gabby are in the woods once again, this time with a couple of Forest People friends. After an impromptu flute session and a stop by the gifting stump, they hear some strange vocalizations coming from the woods.

Les Stroud Took An Infrared Camera Into The Woods And Films Something Spooky

Holy crap! If you haven't seen last night's Survivorman Bigfoot, Giants of the Forest, go watch it now. It's one of those rare times where Les Stroud actually some ultra high-tech gear with him into the deep woods of Alberta, Canada. Les gives us a glimpse of the creepiness of the forest, and you can definitively get the feeling that he's being watched. YouTube JaronZ picked out one instance where Les may have filmed an eyeshine or two from observers. Check out his breakdown below:

Tim Fasano Just Came Out With A Very Powerful Rant

Wow! Matt Knapp posted the video yesterday, but he continues to blow us away. Fasano hasn't put out a new video since the Lettuce Lake Skunk Ape days, and now he tells us why. He is disgusted with the state of Bigfoot research he says. "Bigfoot is now podcast, blogs, Facebook, yellow circles, edited videos, conventions, blooms, documentary films, blogtalk radio. Field workers are overlooked. Real videos are shot down by the BFRO," Fasano wrote in his rant video. If you don't know who Tim Fasano is, this is what he does, and he makes a great point:

I'm not really convinced this is a hairy man playing with someone's camera, are you?

Well. We've been told that Jason H. is finding too much evidence. So much so that some are skeptical of his claims. For example, this latest video is titled, "Hairy Man Playing With My Tree Cam". How does Jason know it's the hairy man? Well. The camera was place 7' off the ground. "Look at the hair, it's really long," says Jason. "When I went to check my camera I could see something had played with it before I even checked the memory card."